Baranja’s traditional dishes can be found in every Baranja restaurant. The characteristics of Baranja dishes relate to the frequent use of red ground sweet and savory peppers, fresh fish, meat, vegetables, cured meat products and spices from this area.

Baranja fish delicacies:

– Fish-paprikash (fish stew)

– Catfish pörkölt (Hungarian fish stew)

– Pike pörkölt

– Carp pörkölt

– Perch pörkölt

– Fried or breaded carp

– Fried or breaded catfish

– Fried or breaded perch

– Perch “Orly”

– Fried or breaded pike

– Pike permeated with garlic

– barbecued carp on sticks


The most famous Baranja cured product without which you can not even imagine the holiday table is Baranja kulen.


Game dishes:

– Wild rabbit (prepared in hunter’s manner)

– Cobanac

– Wild boar

– Deer

– Deer prepared in Baranja manner

– Wild boar pörkölt

– Wild boar stew


The Baranja region often organizes various events where you can taste some Baranja traditional dishes. The events are arranged throughout the year and last between one and a few days, and the most interesting ones are:

– Vinceška: traditional celebration of the feast of St. Vinko, the protector of wine and wine-growers. The event takes place on the slopes of Baranja Mountain, from Beli Manastir to Batina.

– Wine marathon: The wine marathon is held in Zmajevac, in the municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi. It is a junction of ethno, rural and wine tourism. The Wine Marathon is a well-known event during which visitors can enjoy the most delicious drops of Baranja wines. At this event, there are dozens of exhibitors, and their diverse offer will surely satisfy the most demanding palate. Of the most delicious wines, you should definitely pick out the wines of Winery Svijetli dvori.

– Wine and walk: the largest wine festival in the area of ​​Baranja. It is maintained on well-kept hiking trails, more precisely from the Belje viewpoint to Kotline, a small Baranja village. At this event you have the opportunity to taste not only the top quality wine but also the traditional Baranja smoked meat products.

– Paprika fest: The Paprika Festival is held every year in Baranja village Lug. It’s an event where you can get familiar with the traditional Baranja spice, red pepper. In addition, the event is “reserved” for the competition among the exhibitors for the best sweet and spicy red pepper. Of course, keep in mind that a rich entertainment and cultural program is organized regularly, which will make the event even better. In addition to the pepper showers, there are also tastings of various varieties of wine such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosé and others.

– Fishing days of Kopačevo: this is a traditional event held in September. The aim of the event is to promote and present the tradition and the rural way of life in this area. Fish days last for two days, and during that time you can taste some Baranja traditional dishes or enjoy snacks and cakes like pies, gingerbread cookies and other sweets.

– Čvarakfest: Čvarakfest is an event that is held every year in Karanac. As the name itself says, it is an event in which masterminds show their art in melting pork fat, better known as čvarci. For visitors there is a free tasting of čvarci, while serving your palate with delicious wines.

– Martinje: celebration of St. Martin’s day.

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