Karanac is a settlement located on the territory of the Eastern Croatian plain in the Knezevi Vinogradi municipality. The village was mentioned for the first time in 1357 and had the status of a royal village. When Baranja from 1526 to 1687 was under the Turks, there were three villages in the area of today’s Karanac: Arki, Rév and Karanca.

Arki village is located on a hill in a valley northwest of today’s Karanac village, where today’s vineyards are planted. One of the vineyards is our vineyard Hunjar. The other village of Rév was also located in today’s vicinity of the village of Kozarac.

Today, Karanac is certainly the most famous village in the whole of Baranja, and is particularly interesting for tourists who are here.

Karanac is characterized by a traditional architecture where long porticoes and elongated houses come to the fore, whose walls are painted with various motifs.

You can often see that each porch is decorated with dozens of red paprika berries that are left to dry and contribute to a special touch and a unique ambience.

In the eternal village of Karanac are known catering facilities: Baranjska kuca, our Wine tasting room and winery Svijetli dvori, Sklepic, Ivica i Marica, Tri mudraca, Farma and Bakine carolije.

The Baranja House is a family restaurant that revives old and almost forgotten recipes, with a newly built bread over made out of soil. For all lovers of fish stew, pepper, catfish stew and other Slavonian specialties, Baranjska kuca is an ideal choice.

It is also located in the so-called “Street of the “Forgotten Time”. This is a project begun 13 years ago, which should be the backbone of this family restaurant. As the name itself says, here you can go back to history and recall the past looking at unique workshops that have revived again.

In the Street of Forgotten Time there is a pottery, barrel and carpentry workshop. For all fans of looms, here is a weaving workshop that will remind you of the used craft. On your trip through Baranja we recommend that you definitely stop at the Forgotten Time Street to gain new and interesting insights into how to make wooden clogs and barrels. At the nearby mill, corn flour is made and used daily in the diet.

In addition to the workshops, a barber shop also has its place in the street, and before lunch you can enjoy an aperitif and sweeten your palate with a plum brandy at Pod kruškom.

Winery and tasting room Svijetli dvori is best known in this area. Thanks to the fertile vineyards and the ideal climate and the surrounding environment, every year there are large quantities of grapes used to produce our own wine, of which we always mention the popular graševina.

The winery is located in the very center of the ethno village, so you should not miss it on your way through Baranja. Enjoy the beautiful ambience, good food and beverages, and hostility and generosity of the host.

Village household Tri mudraca offers a wide variety of village life experiences in Karanac, a village in the heart of Baranja at the foot of a small, but naturally interesting Baranjsko brdo hill. In the series of traditional Baranja Panonic houses, there is also a big civil house, where its patron Apel awaits you with his family. Start your day with “štamplica”, a small bottle of plum brandy for aperitif, and afterwards taste domestic Baranja cuisine, such as fish stew, beef stew, cabbage meat rolls and wild boar, accompanied by excellent Baranja wines, and finally, for dessert, try dishes such as simple, but very tasty Kaiserschmarrn.

Following the afternoon rest, dare to try an adrenaline off-road ride with an automobile through fields and valleys. For courage, it is best to drink another plum brandy, but this time in reveler manner, out of a “čokančić”, a small traditional bottle, and then start your ride through vineyards and old plum orchards. Challenge your skills in archery and many other sports activities.

Karanac is a home to a very famous rural household Ivica i Marica. It is a private family owned estate interesting for adults and children alike. Here you can ride a horse, ride a horse carriage,… You can roller skate, ride a bike or organize birthday parties.

The rural estate Ivica i Marica offers accommodation services with local food at your choice. During beautiful and sunny days enjoy a stroll through this beautiful landscape; at your disposal are Nordic walking poles. Be a part of various workshops that are designed and implemented here to make your stay enjoyable. Every day, or at the order, tamburitza evenings and Romani music are held here. Do not forget to relax on the sun loungers overlooking the untouched nature. Relax and enjoy the unique sounds of nature while in the sunset you and your better half are tasting the best wine drops from all over the region.

If you want to avoid city rush for at least two days and enjoy the beauty of nature, idyllic rural estate Ivica i Marica offers a real oasis of peace and is truly the best choice.

Sklepić is rural estate from 1897 that offers a variety of old rural experiences when carriages rode the dusty paths, people used to fish, granges came to life and revelers sang.

The estate accommodates 6 double bed rooms with separate entrance and en-suite bathroom or in 2 four-bed rooms, which makes 20 beds in total.
Once you have a pleasant stay, you can take a look at an ethnographic collection with about 2000 items, a pottery workshop, sweep, blacksmith, deep basement, “čardak”, horses and horse equipment.

With an ethnical collection, they offer a daily visit, a tasting of homemade products (rolls, bagels with čvarci, brandy, elder juice, kulen, cheese …) and the opportunity to get acquainted with old tools.

You can look for a daily rest and overnight sleep in the peasant home of Bakine čarolije, which consists of the apartments of Bakine čarolije and Čića Tomina koliba. Accommodation is also possible in a so-called presidential suite, Robinson’s bungalow, a vacation home or a barrack.

Each accommodation unit is organized in a special way that will surely impress you. Enjoy the unique sounds of nature; water flow and chirping birds and indulge in a vacation you have not experienced before. From home-made food products we offer ham, sausage, bacon and indispensable brandy and home-made wine.

The craftsmanship of the ethno souvenirs “Farma” produces handmade miniatures of village dwellings and replicas of objects related to traditional rural life.
Also in our offer we have magnets on the hartshorn – pendants, pictures and lanterns from the horns.