Agria – lov is a well-known company in Baranja which deals with hunting tourism. In addition, the most interesting is the fact that it is the largest wildlife winter habitat in the entire region.

Agria lov occupies an area of 1800 hectares and is located between Kozarac and Beli Manastir. The Haljevo Forest is also under its leadership.

Within the company all true lovers of hunting and hunting tourism will finally find their place. Agria – lov has the ability to shoot game that is charged depending on which game is concerned, whether it is wounded non-trophy game, whether you want a head with a neck etc. A different price list is for both wounded and unprofitable and found game, but you can further inform about everything.

Hunting ground Haljevo is popular not only among the local population but also the foreign tourists who come to this area.

Tourism of Agria – lov company does not apply solely to hunting but also to tourist tours of which we highlight photo safari, organization of team building activities with which you can consolidate and improve your business team in a unique and friendly way. Empower individuals or the whole group, and Etno selo d.o.o. will help you in planning of the challenges.

We recommend that you participate at least once a month in team building activities that have a positive impact on you and your employees. Agria – lov offers you the option of choosing among the most diverse hunting activities such as slingshot, archery and many other activities.

All activities are carried out in nature near the Haljevo hut. You as an employer need not be worried about the possible difficulty of certain activities; everything can be adapted to the group’s capabilities and their specific requirements.

Photo safari is certainly the most interesting outdoor activity, both for children and adults. Go through the woods of Haljevo and enjoy everything that nature gives you in the palm of your hand: the beauty of the forest, the twitter of the birds and the inevitable shooting of the game: deer, roebuck, wild boar, wild rabbits, etc.

We emphasize that animals are photographed from close proximity, making this experience more entertaining, attractive and more credible! Photographing of animals is allowed only with the accompanying guide.

We recommend you to book photo safaris for autumn and winter days, when the largest and most frequent migrations of animals from the Haljevo forest were recorded.

You can take photos of animals in the early morning (6:00 – 8:00 a.m.) or in the evening (6:00 – 8:00 p.m.).