Wine is as old as humankind. Since time immemorial, it has been a favorite beverage for many. Since the number of philosophers and “self-styled thinkers” lived at the time, everybody had a need to say something about it. Accordingly, a large number of quotations and sayings have been produced that are still mentioned today.

Sayings about wine:


‘Life’s too short to drink cheap wine’ – Cliff Hakim

‘Wine is a proof that God loves us and wants us to see us happy.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘Boys should abstain from all use of wine until their eighteenth year, for it is wrong to add fire to fire.’ – Plato

‘I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.’ – Winston Churchill

‘Wine enters the brain, making it sinful, fast and inventive, full of fiery and beautiful images.’ – William Shakespeare

‘Wine is among the most useful, among the most delicious medicines, and the most delicious food.’ – Plutarch von Charona

‘Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and for the ailing man.’ – Hippocrates

‘In the end, only two, God and wine remain.’ – Bela Hamvas

‘Who can drink from a source, do not drink from the pot.’ – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

‘Sweet wine and sweet words are rarely pure.’

‘History will reach its end when wine and wine are poured out of the spring and the well when the clouds of wine fall and when the lakes have to be turned into it.’ – Bela Hamvas

‘Wine was like a pouring, long kiss.’ – Bela Hamvas

‘There is only one drinking law: anytime, anywhere and anyway. For serious weather, serious man and serious people it is quite enough.’ – Bela Hamvas

‘They can deprive us of many things, they can take all of us, but I can not remember what we saw, tasted, or experienced. … Atmosphere, smells, tastes. Wine. Again I tell you: drink wine! And then you will be in the mood for kissing, picking flowers, for friendships, for a good deep sleep, for laughing, and in the morning, you will read the poets instead of the newspaper.’

‘Let the teachers teach the grammar and the teaching, but the good drink, the responsible one, will give the genius and the imagination.’ – Oliver Goldsmith

‘The whole world lags roughly for three rounds of drinks.’ – Humphrey Bogart,

‘I drink to make people become interesting.’ – George Jean Nathan

‘Wine turns the sage into a stupid and stupid in the sage.’ – Carlos Ruiz Zafón

‘In vino veritas’ – Latin proverb

‘A meal without wine is like a sunless day.’ – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

‘Wine rejoices the heart of man, and joy is the mother of all virtues’. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

‘The only thing I regret in my life is that I did not drink more wine.’ – Ernest Hemingway

‘Not knowing the taste of wine, is the same as not seeing colours. Life needs to be seen from that side. Otherwise, you remain a man whose speech is separated from a series of sister species. “- Tin Ujević

‘Those who drink wine look good, intelligent, sexy and healthy.’ – Hugh Johnson

‘Years are just a figure, totally irrelevant. Unless you are a bottle of wine.’- Joan Collins

‘The soul without wine is short of breath.’ – Heraclitus

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