If there is one rule that should be taken into account and applied during the hot summer months, then it looks like this: it is important to stay hydrated and to regularly supply the body with liquid.

There is no better way for it than drinking and enjoying summer cocktails. In addition to the usual cocktails with vodka, let us introduce you to cocktails with wine.

Yeah, you heard well! In the blink of an eye, prepare a cocktail with rosé, white or red wine, and sweeten your friends’ palate.

Have you ever thought that these delicious drops can be used to make a perfect refreshing summer drink? You will be amazed how Merlot or Muscat perfectly fit into a fruit cocktail.

Cocktails with wine are indispensable at any summer party, and in the following text we bring you the ideas to make your party unique.

Cocktails with rosé wine:

Rosé wines with specific flavors and tastes, with hints of honey, caramel and chocolate, are ideal for preparing summer cocktails. Use the fruity taste of mature peaches and prepare the most delicious cocktails.


When preparing rosé wine cocktails, keep in mind that the wine is fresh and young so that the taste is more pronounced.


Cocktails with rosé wine:

  1. For preparing cocktails with rosé wine you need:

– 100 ml of wine (Vinogorje Baranja)

– 20 ml of vodka with raspberry flavor

– 40 ml of grapefruit juice

– Fizzy cherry juice

– Cherry for decoration


Pour the wine, vodka and juice into a high pot half filled with ice. Mix the ingredients lightly and slowly add the sour cherry juice. Decorate with cherry.


  1. For preparing cocktails with rosé wine you need:

– 100 ml of semi-dry rosé wine (Vinogorje Baranja)

– a fistful of blackberries

– 20 ml of vodka

– 10 ml of lemon juice

– A spoon of sugar


Put the berries in the pot and gently squeeze them with the spoon. Add ice cubes and pour vodka, lemon juice and sugar and shake all the ingredients. Finally, pour 100 ml of rosé wine for the full flavor.


Red wine cocktails:



– 60 ml of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Baranja Vineyard)

– 40 ml of brandy

– 30 ml of gin

– 15 ml of maple syrup


Put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and fill it with ice. Stir and sip the cocktail in the glass. Decorate it with a thinly sliced ​​apple slice with a little grated cinnamon.



– 30 ml of brandy

– 50 ml of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Baranja Vineyard)

– 15 ml of cinnamon syrup

– 10 ml lemon juice

– 50 ml of water


Put all ingredients into the container and place them on a medium strong fire. Cook for two to three minutes and then pour the cocktail in the glass. Decorate with apple slice and cinnamon stick.


White wine cocktails:


From white wine cocktails, cocktails with graševina are exceptionally tasty.


  1. Preparation of cocktails with graševina:

– 65 ml graševine (Graševina Jarčevo brdo, graševina premium, graševina classic, Vinogorje Baranja)

– 30 ml of coconut water

– a cup of resh fruit (pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, mango …)

– 20 ml of orange juice

– a cup of rozen fruit


Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and place them in the refrigerator to cool off. Drink a cooled cocktail in a glass and decorate with the rest of the fresh fruit. Instead of ice, place frozen fruit in the glass.


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