Within the winery “Svijetli dvori”, a wine tasting room and wine collection will attract the attention of a passerby and visitors of ethno village Karanac with its unique look of old Baranja houses. Feel free to step in our backyard, take a couple of more steps, and you are there. Come in, do not hesitate, while a rich offer of Baranja winers is waiting for you.

We strive to ensure our visitors a complete satisfaction with our offer, and to expand the experience with additional facilities with the goal of presenting, tasting and selling other products made by the hands of keepers of Baranja’s traditions. Those who believe that Baranja is famous solely for its kulen or fish stew are wrong, because if they taste Baranja mountain wines, they won’t have to be wine experts to recognize a good wine and always come back to us.


In the heart of Karanac, nearby an ethno restaurant Baranjska kuća, there is a wine selection room within the winery “Svijetli dvori”.

In a neatly decorated environment, everyone will find something special, whether it is wine for your satisfaction in everyday life or for special occassions. On the shelves and in showcases of our winery, you will notice a rich selection of bottles with Baranja wines.

Inhabitants of Baranja pair fine wines with enjoyment in local delicacies shown in our winery to domestic and foreign tourists.

Nature and wine lovers who visit Baranja and feel the hospitality of Baranja winers always come back. Therefore, do not wait any longer, embark on your journey towards Karanac village, wine tasting room and winery “Svijetli dvori”.


Wine tasting room and wine shop “Svijetli dvori” will attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists with their unique appearance and offer of products of Baranja traders in one place will supplement their stay in our court.

The specialty of the product is ecological breeding of domestic animals, of which traditionally homemade cured meat products are produced, in particular kulen, the Slavonian kulen, was introduced in the List of Protected Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia and from dairy products, we mention cheese.

From the ecologically grown fruit and vegetables made compote, jam and all kinds of sour salads, particularly winter stores, a variety of flavors will beautify every winter period of the year.

There is also a honey, a product of local bee keepers, which is the main ingredient in preparing a dough for the making of traditional hearts that charm the interior of the wine shop with its beauty along with souvenirs.