Rosé wines refer to soft, light and fresh wines with just moderate alcohol volume.

Rosé can be obtained in two ways. The first method of production of this wine is as follows: The processing of black grapes is done in a manner that is common to white wine. That is, mulching, squeezing, and tearing. After that, the mustum should be pulled apart from the rest.

Rosé wines are obtained by mixing red and white wines. Given that we aspire to a light and fruity taste, rosés should be prepared in stainless steel barrels rather than in wooden barrels.

Rosé wine colors: the colors of rosé wines range from very bright pink tones to ruby-red color. The color of the wine depends on the amount of time spent with grapeskins.


How to choose a rosé wine?

The best advice for choosing a rosé wine is that you simply choose the kind you love in red wine. The younger wine is sweeter, and given the fact that it is a fruitful, airy and light wine, it should be even more delicious.


Taste of rosés:

Citrus and fruit tones prevail in such wines, and are often felt as a floral note. A mild fruity flavor resembles raspberry, strawberry and watermelon.

Of all kinds of rosés, we highlight the quality rosé wine KZP. The year of harvest is 2016, and wine was produced thanks to the fertile vineyards on Banovo brdo hill. This rosé wine is reddish in color. It is distinguished by its uniqueness, its specific aromas and flavors. The smell of wine opens hues of honey, caramel and chocolate. You will experience the fruit of mature peach only in your mouth.

This wine is ideally suited to less sweet desserts, and you can consume it without food, separately.


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