In a small, but well-known village in Baranja, Karanac, a silver medal from the prestigious Wine Competition Decanter 2018 went on. Specifically, she went to the hands of prominent winemakers from Winery and Tasting Room Svijetli dvori, thanks to the delicious wine of harmonious flavors and aromas – Graševina, select harvest 2015.

Decanter World Wide Award (Decanter 2018) is the world’s largest wine competition, which was held this year in London.

Decanter 2018 reported more than 15,000 wine samples from various continents, and was evaluated by about 270 experts.

The competition is designed so that all winners can be registered regardless of their origin, technical details of wine and so on.


For wine tasting or wine assessment, they organized categories according to country, region, color, grape variety, style, harvest and price. Such categorization ensures mutual evaluation of similar wines.

More than 260 top experts from all over the world rated the wines reported. The judges were also organized by categories; initially based on the region and its expertise. Wine tasters try wines individually. They know the region, style and price, but the wine producer is unknown to them. They then compare wine notes and assign a grade.


Decanter 2018 will be specially remembered by us, because Croatian wines have won many praises. Among them, the famous Baranja winery Svijetli dvori was particularly prominent. As we mentioned earlier, it is about the Graševina select harvest 2015 that fully deserved and justified winning the silver medal.


It is a yellow clear wine dominated by a botrytis type of scent. It is very clean and sophisticated with dry grape traces, which are found in the wine due to late harvest of the grape.

Wine is creamy, full body. Semi-sweet in taste. It is ideally suited to dishes of rich and intense flavors, with fatty and spicy cheeses, etc. However, for the best flavor we recommend that you drink it without food to fully experience its aroma and flavor.

Graševina select harvest from 2015 is best served at a temperature of 10 ° C.


Winery Svijetli Dvori operates in the ethno village of Karanac, in the Kneževi Vinogradi municipality. The vineyards are characterized by the fact that they produce wines from their own vineyards. The vineyards are located on the south side of the Baranja Mountain, Banovo brdo, and therefore their position is ideal for the growth and development of vineyards.


Graševina is mostly used in the preparation of various varieties of wine so it prevails in the winery. In addition, in these areas, so-called ice frost and select harvest (Select harvest Graševina 2015)

Of the other wines that can be found in Svijetli dvori we emphasize:

– Graševina: It is produced from white grape varieties; a higher sugar content, a greenish yellow color and a harmonious taste

– Chardonnay: produced from French varieties of white grapes; light fruit flavored wine

– Muscat yellow: a clear yellow wine with a fruity melon character with a floral note of lilac

– Graševina Jarčevo brdo: a top semi-dry wine of honey notes

– Cabernet Sauvignon: the most famous red wine; dry wine with harmonious taste, ideal for dark meats


Winery Svijetli dvori can boast numerous prizes; 15 gold medals from the past competitions, and the silver medal at Decanter 2018 is just one more form of confirmation for the work, the effort and the top quality wine of exceptional taste and quality.


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