Jarčevo brdo is a special site facing the south from which one can enjoy views of Osijek and Slavonia. Grapes of Graševina picked from this site deserves special vinification due to the aforementioned position, and its wine deserves an eminent title, Jarčevo brdo.

The wine is clear, coloured vivaciously yellow, with delightful fruity scent enriched by botrytis note. Its scent includes nuts and nuances of honey touch, while maturing in glass, it releases a scent of peach.

Harmonious, rich, semi-dry taste that lasts.

Its creamy texture it fits well with dishes containing medium amount of spices, picante cheeses, gooseberry pie, while due to a mild sugary residue, it goes well with traditional Baranja pepper dishes.



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Jarčevo brdo


For a good wine, apart from love, a quality sort and professionalism are necessary, and by combining them, we achieve enviable results in production and wine placement.

The name of the vineyard “Svijetli dvori” stems from the age of Hungarian rule as “Vilagos var”, which translated means “Svijetli dvori”. However, a palace is not present there anymore.

The old site has been demolished, while only a cellar was kept – gator, a well whose depth reaches 46 meters, as well as an interesting monument – “krajputas” milestone from 1846, raised by the order of Austria-Hungary’s colonel.

Alongside the vineyard, a Turkish path is stretched, a former Roman road that reached from Batina to Beli Manastir, renewed by Turkish invaders, hence the name popular among Baranja inhabitants, the Turkish path.


Baranja is a geographic region located in the Osijek-Baranja county. Due to its position, it is an area of exceptional economic value and natural beauties, of which we mention:

Kopački rit nature park: it is a wetland area in Kopačevo. It is home to more than 140 bird species and 2000 different species of flora and fauna. The park was founded in 1976 and occupies an area of about 177 km2.

It is the oldest declared nature park in our homeland. Kopački rit is also the largest freshwater fishery in Podunavlje.
The park is not only known for its diverse botanical and animal world but it can boast of its intact and preserved natural beauties and landscapes.