• Sauvignon wine

    Sauvignon is a crystal white wine with light yellow color. Originally from France, from Bordeaux. Sauvignon is planted in numerous world wine-growing regions, producing fresh, dry and refreshing white varieties of wine. Sauvignon is grown in France, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Washington, California and other US states. Sauvignon is one of the most popular white wines in the United States. It is often called “grassy wine”. It is known for its freshness and refreshing taste, high acidity and low sugar content.

    Depending on the climate, the taste can vary, but yet it is a fresh and harmonious taste. The wine is a medium body and it rests on ripe floral notes and spice fragrances. It is served at a temperature of 10 °C and is best suited for light fish dishes, rice, salads or pasta.
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  • Sayings about wine

    Wine is as old as humankind. Since time immemorial, it has been a favorite beverage for many. Since the number of philosophers and “self-styled thinkers” lived at the time, everybody had a need to say something about it. Accordingly, a large number of quotations and sayings have been produced that are still mentioned today.
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  • Myths in Baranja

    Baranja is a mystical geographic region that is located in the very east of Croatia, more precisely between the river Drava and the Danube near the borders with Hungary and Serbia. Viticulture is mentioned in this area even during the Roman Emperor Probe.
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  • Decanter 2018

    In a small, but well-known village in Baranja, Karanac, a silver medal from the prestigious Wine Competition Decanter 2018 went on. Specifically, she went to the hands of prominent winemakers from Winery and Tasting Room Svijetli dvori, thanks to the delicious wine of harmonious flavors and aromas – Graševina, select harvest 2015.
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  • Maturing of wine

    Aging or maturing wine is a process that partially changes the taste of wine and its bouquet. By aging the wine reaches its full maturity. However, we must note that not all wines are suitable and intended for maturing.

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  • Vineyard disease

    In order to prevent the emergence and development of vine disease and also protect this fruitful plant, a good knowledge of all the possible diseases of the vine is necessary; under what conditions they occur, the biology of the disease, how to apply the appropriate means of protection, etc.
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