Baranja is a geographic region located in the Osijek-Baranja county. Due to its position, it is an area of exceptional economic value and natural beauties, of which we mention:

Kopački rit nature park: it is a wetland area in Kopačevo. It is home to more than 140 bird species and 2000 different species of flora and fauna. The park was founded in 1976 and occupies an area of about 177 km2.

It is the oldest declared nature park in our homeland. Kopački rit is also the largest freshwater fishery in Podunavlje.
The park is not only known for its diverse botanical and animal world but it can boast of its intact and preserved natural beauties and landscapes.

There are wooden promenades in the Kopački rit area, from which you can get to know the world in which you are entering. They are not called without the cause – the educational paths. Walking trails start from the reception center up to the Sakadaško Lake. In addition to the pedestrian area, Kopački rit can also be visited by bicycle.

However, we recommend that you choose to ride a boat accompanied by a guide. Enjoy and relax your body and soul in beautiful views of the Danube Valley while birds sing above your shoulders all the way.

Eco Center Zlatna Greda: eco center is located in the Zlatna Greda wold, and today it is considered as the most modern eco center and excursion site in this part of Croatia. The project’s objective is to educate the public and encourage eco-development to preserve the cultural, traditional and above all natural beauties of this region. Due to its values, the eco-center is protected as a cultural good of the Republic of Croatia.

The offer of the center is quite varied; you can enjoy boat or canoe driving. Test your knowledge and supplement it with numerous educational programs and workshops for younger people.

Bring the whole class and enjoy a different kind of school; schools in nature. For all those who love birds, the eco center offers bird watching and photophysics programs, conducted under the guidance of an expert. Given that this is the ornithologically best area in our beautiful country and one of the best in Europe, it would indeed be a pity when you would not have become part of this natural spell on your way through Baranja.

In addition to the natural beauty and diversity of the flora and fauna, Baranja has a particularly pronounced rural tourism that is popular in the ethno village Karanac. It is the most visited village in Baranja.

Once you find yourself here, you will soon realize why it is so. Karanac boasts magnificent traditional houses with the main long porch that is often painted with various motifs. There are often local fairs that are visited not only by the local population, but also by the population from across the county and beyond.

Taste and buy the desired domestic food products directly from the manufacturer, for instance cheeses, wine, brandy, kulen, sausage, čvarci, etc. In Karanac there is a Street of Forgotten Time that represents the center of rural tourism of this Baranja settlement.

Be sure to visit the workshops at your disposal; see how clogs, baskets and other wood products are made. Enjoy the flavors of traditional dishes and the best Baranja wines.