Suza is a village in the municipality of Kneževi Vinogradi, in Baranja. In this area breeding of wheat, sunflower, grapevine, barley, corn and other grains is exceptionally successful.

The Kneževi Vinogradi municipality is famous for its rich cultural, traditional, gastronomic and tourist offer.

The village of Suza was mentioned for the first time in 1252. In the 15th century it belonged to the farm from Šikloš, and later became the property of Eugen Savojski.


Considering the extremely favorable location of this settlement, there is a great number of rural households and family farms in this area, from which the Family Farm Matijević should definitely be mentioned.


The family farm Matijević is known for the production of a traditional domestic Baranja kulen, not only in this part of Croatia (Baranja), but in the whole country.


There are different types of kulen in the market today; dry, greasy, hard, but home-made Baranja kulen OPG Matijević has the characteristics of a true Baranja kulen, thanks to a long-standing family recipe and a careful selection of only the finest ingredients. In addition, high standards of its production process contributes to the quality of the kulen.


The homemade Baranja kulen OPG Matijević, a farm that operates in the area of ​​Suza in Baranja, is a completely natural product made from selected meat of domestic pigs, domestic red peppers and other natural spices. Unlike other foods we can find on the market, the kulen OPG Matijević contains no additives or preservatives.


Traditional recipes:

For decades, a family recipe for the preparation of this favorite dried meat product has been perfected, and is recognized as a top gourmet pleasure.


Selected top quality ingredients of kulen:

Only the highest quality pork meat is used in the production of this top-class homemade kulen. The meat is additionally processed and separated from the tendons, connective tissue and fat tissue. The meat thus obtained is mixed with homemade spices such as red pepper. In this area spicy and sweet red paprika is the main spice not only for the production of cured meats but also in preparing various dishes of game or fish specialties.


Red pepper gives a special touch to the homemade Baranja kulen; a spicy taste and a characteristic red color. After smoking, the kulen is transferred from the smoker to ripening, where it will ripen for the next 6-8 months. The climatic conditions of this area are extremely favorable for the completion of production of this smoked delicacy.


Production of Homemade Baranja kulen OPG Matijević:


Kulen is produced in an establishment registered in the Register of Objects for Production of Traditional Cured Meat Products at the Ministry of Agriculture. The facility is located on its own family farm and is equipped and arranged according to the requirements of the Veterinary Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture. In order to meet all the conditions required for the production of kulen, exceptional attention is paid to high hygiene standards (meat processing in slaughterhouse, meat transport, production facility, meat processing and kulen production).


There are numerous restaurants and other catering facilities in this area, where you can also enjoy delicious appetizers with this traditional Baranja treat. Restaurants that operate in this area are:


– Traditional Kovač čarda restaurant

– The Piroš čizma restaurant


Considering that the village of Kopački rit, known for its nature park, is located below the village, Suza has gained real popularity in the past couple of years.

If you bring it to these areas, do not miss visiting the family farm Matijević and taste the indigenous gourmet product of these regions.


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