Yellow Muscat

The wine is clear, yellow coloured. At first scent, a fruity character of melon dominates the picture with traces of flowery notes of lilac, and later, tropical notes are released.

Special dessert accent is given by the dried and botrytis imbued berries in harvest.
This fantastic semi-dry wine emanates fruity taste harmony and sugary residue and surprises with prolongued pleasant freshness.

The wine is at peak, and will certainly stay so for some time.

To be served at 8-10 °C with smoothly sweet desserts, ice-cream, strong cheese, as well as aperitif before meals or simply for pure enjoyment.

Quality wine KZP Yellow Muscat
Semi-sweet wine
Harvest year 2016.

Croatian Danube region
Vineyard Baranja

0,5L ALK. 12,5%vol.

60.00Kn 0.5l

Weight 1 kg