Graševina Classic

The wine is clear, mildly yellow coloured. Its freshness and airiness are a consequence of early harvest and cold fermentation.

Its scent reminds one of fresh apples and pears. Attractive, with mildly pronounced acids, but well embedded into other tastes.

Frank, open and inconspicuous, with nice minerality and duration.

Good harmony makes it pair well with a wide palette of dishes.

To be served with light fish dishes, white meat, pasta, risotto and salads. Pairs excellently with less spicy summer barbecues.

To be served cooled at 8-10 °C.
Quality wine
Dry wine

Harvest year 2016.
Croatian Danube region
Vineyard Baranja

0,75 l ALK.11,4% vol

40.00Kn 0.5l

Weight 1 kg