Cabernet sauvignon

The wine was nurtured in large wooden barrels that completed its complexity and calmed the wild character of cabernet sauvignon.

It is coloured bright red, which leaves the impression of vitality and vivacity in wine.

Its scent is dominated by red berry fuit with traces of condiment notes.

It resembles blueberries and sour cherries, and its background softly reveals wood.

The wine has harmonious taste with mildly emphasized tanine in growth. It has a great lying potential and will become even better as years go by.

It pairs well with goulash, red meat dishes, ripe cheese and fleshy fish.

To be served at 16-18 °C.
Quality wine KZP
Dry wine

Harvest year 2016.
Croatian Danube region
Vineyard Baranja

0,75 L 13,1 % ALK.

60.00Kn 0.75l

Weight 1 kg