Select harvest Chardonnay

Its scent releases citrus notes, and after opening, there is an aroma of ripe fruit with traces of tropical fruit.

Later, its varietal character occurs.

Production puts an emphasis on optimum harvest term and retention of freshness.
In mouth it feels fresh, harmonious, very drinkable with nice duration.

Due to its mild taste, it pairs well with a wide palette of dishes and is appropriate for consumation at various celebrations.

We recommend that you serve it with light dishes, pasta and risotto with mild sauces.
To be served at 10-12 °C.

Premium wine
Semi-sweet wine

Harvest year 2016.
Croatian Danube region
Vineyard Baranja

0,5 L 12,5 % ALK.

12.61 (95.00 kn) 0.5l

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