Graševina jarčevo brdo

Jarčevo brdo is a special site facing the south from which one can enjoy views of Osijek and Slavonia.

Grapes of Graševina picked from this site deserves special vinification due to the aforementioned position, and its wine deserves an eminent title, Jarcevo brdo.

The wine is clear, coloured vivaciously yellow, with delightful fruity scent enriched by botrytis note.

Its scent includes nuts and nuances of honey touch, while maturing in glass, it releases a scent of peach.

Harmonious, rich, semi-dry taste that lasts.

Its creamy texture it fits well with dishes containing medium amount of spices, picante cheeses, gooseberry pie, while due to a mild sugary residue, it goes well with traditional Baranja pepper dishes.

To be served at a temperature of 10 to 12 °C.
Semi-dry wine.

Harvest year 2016.
Croatian Danube region
Vineyard Baranja

0,75 l ALK. 14,0% vol.

10.62 (80.00 kn) 0.75l

Weight 1 kg